‘Gracling’ by Kristin Cashore book review


It is certainly no mystery that I am an avid reader. I was asked previously by another site to create a suggestion to add to your reading list. Of course a mere suggestion to me is not good enough. So for all of those with a love of the fantasy genre who are looking for a series to read and have yet to venture into the wonderful world that Kristin has created, you are in for a treat. Both of her current novels ‘Graceling’ and the companion novel ‘Fire’ are addictive and a fresh change from today’s popular genres.


The‘Graceling’ novels share a similarity that resonates throughout the stories in an overly defining manner. Combining the YA genre it is defined as, strong female protagonists are what makes these novels stand out so amazingly. These heroines share many likenesses such as determination, a need for purpose and of course strong. Something that I believe is sorely needed in this current generation.

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I never thought I would find a heroine as kick-ass and deadly as Rosemarie Hathaway (vampire academy, another excellent read), but found myself pleasantly surprised when I came across the killing-graced Katsa. Katsa lives with her uncle, who is the king of one of seven kingdoms. She is a graceling, identified to others by her two different coloured eyes. A graceling is a person with highly advanced skill; for Katsa that grace is killing, She is unable to be defeated in a fight, is very hard to injure and her uncle uses this to his advantage. Threatening and killing whoever he orders her too. Katsa feels morally burdened by this, and endeavours to use her gift in ways to help rather than harm. Aided by a fighting graced Po, who happens to be a prince from another of the kingdoms, they soon find themselves led on the path to discovering the kingdoms secrets.

Graceling is about Katsa’s journey trying to find herself and love in a world where every decision has been made for her. The self discovery that she goes makes her life relatable to many Young Adult readers and even Adults readers like myself.

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Kristin Cashore’s companion novel ‘Fire’ brings a new level of female heroines to the plate. Fire may not be the kick-ass warrior that Katsa is but it is no reason to push her aside. Fire is a human-monster. Her world is surrounded by these monsters that are beautiful creatures with the ability to control the minds of others making them dangerous and deadly, and Fire is no different or at least according to the people who surround her. Fire lives in the kingdom known as the Dell’s that is in the midst of chaos after her father’s manipulation of the dead King Nax.

One of Fire’s greatest fears is becoming the evil creature her father was. And it seems she is not the only one who as she fights against an onslaught of assassination attempts and daily struggles to stay alive from animal-monsters that are attracted to her like moths to a flame. With these attacks and the appearance of a mysterious archer in the surrounding forest, Fire travels to ask help of the Queen who now rules in place of the dead king. Meeting the two heirs to the throne on the way, she is despised by one for her likeness to her father in appearances, but the other hopelessly obsessed with her monster beauty. She fights to prove to not only herself but the others that she is not her father and not the monster-creature people fear by assisting them in their fight for their kingdom.

I found Fire’s story more of an emotional one then the previous novel ‘Graceling’. Her battle to prove herself to others, balancing her strengths and emotion vulnerabilities and her unwavering commitment to those around her despite the risk of her own life in my eyes makes her one of the strongest heroines I have come across yet and her story one of my favourites to date.

Kristin Cashore creates an amazing world, with strong characters both female and male alike and plots that keep you guessing right until the end. Cashore’s work alone proves that she deserves to be held up high next to other YA authors such as Richelle Mead.


DYSON Hair Dryer

I was lucky enough to receive a Dyson hair dryer to test out and Review.

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The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer was packaged well; very thought through to ensure attractiveness but also protection of the product. Inside the packaging was the hair dryer, three hairdryer accessories and a heat proof matt.

The design was certainly eye catching, if not a little daunting only to start. Having myself extremely thick hair, and used large varieties of hair dryers and in turn broken a lot of hair dryers from overheating. I was pleasantly surprised at the lightness of this particular hair dryer. When turning it on, high pressure hair seems to almost spiral out from the centre as if from nowhere making it quite a mysterious process. In my excitement of receiving I did however make the mistake of not reading the instructions before using it and found it very difficult to understand. If hair drying was a science, Dyson has certainly perfected it. Once I became aware of all the different attachments and their uses post reading the instructions, I tried again a second time and was blown away (excuse the pun) by the results.

With most hair dryers my experience has been too much heat causing stress on my hair or not enough making it ineffective as a hair dryer. The Dyson hair dryer was perfectly heated, despite my temperature being the same on a variety of different days. Add to this wonderful feature to the accessories that come with it, and I was completely won over. These accessories just clip on using magnets. The first accessory was the Dyson Styling concentrator; this is perfect for those who like to style their hair like myself while drying. This accessory allows minimal hair movement and focuses on the area you are wanting too. Next is the smoothing Nozzle, this is a hair accessory that requires no hairbrush to use. It creates a natural smooth look that is so quick and easy to produce I don’t find myself as daunted to blow dry my hair when I am short on time. Lastly was the Dyson Diffuser, its design for those with curly hair is disperse air evenly around the curls creating a more exact look.

Having spent my fair amount of money on various hair dryers, I think I have finally found one that has officially won me over. While the price tag may seem a little pricey at $599, I can certainly say it is the most amazing piece of technology I own. I certainly give this a 9 inch Heel and would recommend this to anyone who wants a hairdryer that makes you feel like you walked out of a hair dressers every time.

Microblading experience

Threading, waxing, tinting..makeup? So many options to care for one of the most prominent features on your face.

With brows on display like Lily Collins, who couldn’t be jealous of people naturally gifted.

Sick of the expense and time my eyebrows would constantly take, I decided to take the plunge into the world of microblading.

Now for those who don’t know, microblading is the use of a scalpel and tattooing ink, it only Inness in the upper layers of your skin so please know that it will need further touching up every 12-24 months depending on your skin and treatment.

Now my goal was to achieve brows that looked like I just spent ages working on them. But realistically I just woke up.

my before photo

Before the first session –

Wash your hair! I cannot stress this enough. I hadn’t washed mine in 2 days and you cannot get your brows wet for 7 days…9 days of ponytails straight!

The first session:

So I found a lovely clinic in Brisbane Northside to conduct mine. Andrea was my technician. She made me feel so comfortable, spending over an hour drawing and stenciling. Ensuring I was 100% happy with them.

Numbing cream was then applied. Now let me tell you, do not pass on the numbing cream. I’ve been tattooed on the ribs and damn, if the cream hasn’t settled you are in for a a treat. But don’t stress. A good technician should continue to apply the cream throughout treatment and you them no longer feel anything.

By the end of the first session, you will look at them and worry slightly that maybe they are too bold, too dark…don’t worry, this is not the case. Also, try not to freak out the next few days when the ink gets really dark and you look like you took a sharpie to your brows.

2 weeks post session 1

It is very very rare not to need a touch up session, this is where everything starts to come together.

Session 2 –

Again, numbing cream is a must. But the session is much shorter as the initial outline and shape has already been completed. The process is much the same, however luckily you don’t look like a sharpie bandit the next day.

Post 2 weeks session 3

Main key?


If she or he tells you to jump, you ask how high! They are the expert. I don’t care what you read on the internet. Don’t cheat. You are only cheating yourself and trust me it will end badly.

Overall ?

This is a total 10 inch heel for me. I am so happy with my brows and get so many comments.